Adventuring is a dangerous business. Just ask those who never come home.


Somewhere in his late thirties or early forties judging by the greying hair and deepening wrinkles, Mis'to has the lean, weather-worn figure and callouses of someone who has spent a lifetime on the roads.

He dresses well but usually has a few tells that point to his more tribal origins, often having feathers or similar trinkets knotted in his hair and clothes. Typically, his garments are distinctly in the style of those familiar with red mages; the red hat the obvious hint if one's eyes skim over the rapier at his side.

A sharp-eyed character might spot the gnarled flesh around his hidden eye and right arm, hinting at old, long-healed burns.


Mis'to is openly friendly, despite a penchant for eavesdropping on conversations he probably shouldn't. He's got a soft spot for those who look like they're in need - whether they appreciate that soft spot or not.


The son of Mis of the clan Raesthe, it was a wide-eyed youth who left his clan in the tradition of Keeper men, years before the Seventh Umbral Calamity. In that time he hunted alone, fathered at least two children, and otherwise thrived. Perhaps in another time he would have been content to stay true to the old life, but Mis'to had always been galled by the Wood Wailers that constantly came chipping at him and his clan for the crime of hunting, at the behest of elementals who had no concept of the needs for clothing and dinner. The desire to understand why drew him to Gridania and eventually the Order of the Twin Adder. At least, until after the Seventh Umbral Calamity, whereupon he retired to take up the adventuring life.

These days, Mis'to is a lot more open about his past. He was indeed once a conjurer of renown, using his unique Echo to bolster his healing in surprising ways; until the fall of Dalamud traumatized him into being unable to do so and he abandoned both the Adders and healing.

Events that he is still vague about took him to Kugane, seeking vengeance for some unforgivable thing that Garleans did (giving rise to a very deep-seated hatred of them); but instead came across an older Hyur man who took him under his wing and taught him the way of the samurai. It was during that time that the uprising in Doma happened, placing him there for both the failed rebellion and the subsequent rule of Viceroy Yotsuyu.

Seven years later, he returned to Eorzea and the battlefield of the Ghimlyt to strike down the last of the Garleans that had wronged him. After being found by the Crimson Duelists, half-burned to death and surrounded by the bodies of Garleans who clearly fared worse in the flames than him, Mis'to took up the mantle of the Red Mage. Combining his old prowess in magic with his learned skill in a blade, it's a mantle which he has worn comfortably ever since.

Mis'to's Echo

Mis'to has the Echo, and a most unusual one at that. It first manifested back when he was part of the Adders, and eventually developed into a potent method for healing.  As well as the classic 'memory visions' and 'language transcendent', Mis'to's Echo does two things:

  • Allows him to link to the soul of another living being - sentient or no. This can be multiple people.
  • While linked, he can perceive the interaction of their corporeal and spiritual aether; as well as the soul's unique color.

This latter part is what underpinned his healing. The soul link made transfer of his healing to the wounded much easier, but that paled compared to his sense of aether. That let Mis'to understand exactly which part of the body was sickened, injured or diseased, how badly it was affecting them, and exactly how much aether he needed to channel to heal them.

Mis'to cannot heal any more, however. The soul link cames with a terrible downside - for if the patient died while linked, the resulting flood and escape of aether made Mis'to's soul, in turn, experience that death; in some cases potent enough to near take him with it. Although deeply unpleasant and frightening, it did not slow Mis'to down - until the day Dalamud fell. These days, attempts to heal will usually trigger awful flashbacks and panic attacks, making it impossible to do so. 

In the meantime as Mis'to struggles with that part of his past, he's still learning what his Echo can do. 

If Mis'to is using his Echo on your character(s), he can (with your permission) see:

  • The color of your character's soul, allowing him to recognize you again and through certain disguises.
  • IF UNINJURED, Mis'to can't 'see' your soul clearly. He'll have a sense that they're healthy and hale, but cannot pinpoint it more than that.
  • IF INJURED, or their aether is otherwise disrupted, Mis'to will sense this and has much clearer sight of your soul. 
    • Mis'to will see where the aether is 'bleeding' out or otherwise acting in an unhealthy manner. 
    • If the injury/sickness is lifethreatening, this will be incredibly clear to him.
    • If linked to another soul too - such as a healer - Mis'to can impart his sense to them to help.
  • Sense if you're actively using aether, especially casting.
  • To a limited extent, track you once he's linked. 
    • See below in that he cannot see when using the Echo. He has to stay linked, and that's not possible past a certain distance.
  • See if you've got a 'passenger'; a second soul, voidsent/Ascian possession, or the like.
    • However, I leave room for the player to decide. If you don't want him to - don't reveal it!

Mis'to CANNOT:

  • Hide that he's using his Echo on you. He's linking to your soul and your character WILL know that he's doing that!  
  • Read your mind or current thoughts, present or otherwise.
  • See your history or past unwillingly (The decision on potential Echo visions is up to you!).
    • He MIGHT, if you wish, see 'stains' of particularly traumatic past events on your soul. However, that should only be the case if your character is injured, making it easier for his sight. 
  • See normally when he's using his Echo. He is able to move around and sense terrain based on input from others, but would be blind to anything that needs sight.
  • Initially link to anyone further than 10 or so feet away. He has, in the past, linked to multiple people to be able to apply his healing in the middle of battle, but the initial link needs to be close up.
    • Potentially, he could keep up a link over long distance once linked, and has hunted this way in the past, but over long distance and time this would become very taxing, if not impossible.


Mis'to's Echo is not True Sight; he cannot read your soul, your past nor your mind like a book.

What he is tuned into is how corporeal and spiritual aether interact. It works best close up, is specialised towards aether transfer between people (especially healing), and lets him see how injuries and sickness in the corporeal body are affecting the health of the soul. Souls that are suffering from such are like beacons to him, lighting up which part of the body is in dire need of healing. He can also see the unique color of a soul, letting him recognize a person that he has seen before. 

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